Tipis site is dedicated to all the people around the world who have ever studied the American Indian tipi and wanted to live the life of freedom on the Plains that this structure represents.  It is also dedicated to all those who wanted to own, have owned, will own a lodge in the future. 


Tipis-Tepees-Teepees: History and Design of the Cloth Tipi...by Linda A. Holley.  This book is NOW in print and will be available on this site.  Check back to see more information on how to order. See Research Area for more information.

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Published Articles and Books-Research Area

National Powwow 15 in Danville, Indiana

Tipi and Craft Competition

Historical Interior materials-backrests-beds-floors-spoons-bags-parfleche

Painted Covers
 2nd. Page
 3rd. Page
 4th. Page
 5th. Page


Transportation of Poles:         Roof rack  & Trailers     

Historic Photos and Drawings

Modern Interior beds

USA tipis Manufacturers... Cloth Tipi Makers

Lodge Owners  Thanksgiving  Encampment at Disney World

Inside the Tipi-Photos/Drawings:    Historic  and Modern/Contemporary

P L  Bowles

The Look of the Historic tipi camp set up.

Univ. of Wash. Library

European and other World tipi makers

Buffalo Hide Tipis-  Makers Today


Rain caps


Hide Tipis

Toy Tipi Covers page1 & page 2

Tipi Pattern Drawings

Material Culture of the Plains, Prairie and Plateau  or Pis2 for short

Beaded Covers

Linings or Ozan-rope/pole/decorated

Individual Owners

   Post Card Tipis 2nd. Page

 Stereo View Tipis Glass Slides

Outside Dangles/Pictures

Contests-Guidelines for tipi competition


FIHA Dance 20011

 tipi competition guidelines for 2010

 Pictures 2008 and 2009


Pole, Pegs and Lacing Pins

Outside Camp area

Painting, Cleaning and Fire resist of canvas materials

European Tipis and web sites

Pegging down tipis

Asian Tipis

Web Sites ...owners-museums-resorts

National Powwow XIV (14) July2008 tipi comp. Danville, Ill


National Powwow Pictures  #12 page 1 Page 2 and page 3

Keeping the Lodge Warm





Bulgarian tipis

Hungarian tipis

Russian Tipis

Links to Other  Sites

National Powwow 13

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