Historic Interiors of Tipis

This page features the insides of many tipis.  There are shown different tribal styles and time periods usually dating the before the 1910s.
Interiors willow beds, , backrests, boxes, parfleche, weapons, buffalo robes, women's tools, sacred items, cooking materials, toys, dolls, fire places, clothing, setting up the interior and what ever

is inside a tipi.

Tipis interiors pictured after the 1910 or so are on a separate page.

lincrow.jpg (277631 bytes)


lincrow2.jpg (261784 bytes)


crowtipi2a.jpg (81731 bytes)Crow by Miller1905

crowtipi1a.jpg (74838 bytes)Crow by Throssel 1907



                                Blackfoot gamblers


pigieon1911.jpg (88822 bytes)Piegan 1911


nesopen.jpg (168817 bytes)Nezperce

b.shoshone.jpg (123008 bytes)Shoshone  lodge-1905       Denver pub--BS-129

Yakima chief Mnaniak-Curtis photo.jpg (92775 bytes)





wpe18.jpg (24398 bytes)

Blackfoot tipi of Crazy
Dogs, the man with the gun in center is chief White
Grass, photo by W. McClintock


Notice horse hair rope






arapaho4.jpg (270798 bytes)Arapaho


arapaho3.jpg (304162 bytes)Arapaho


arapaho2.jpg (333788 bytes)Arapaho


arapaho1.jpg (292872 bytes)Arapaho


Cheytipii interior Dr..jpg (148887 bytes)

Drawing from the Peabody Mus.


Sioux-Standing Bear





b.siouxline.jpg (99659 bytes)Sioux give-a-way

b.inside.jpg (191655 bytes)

1891-Tipi of Mrs. American Horse

bededlinbkr.jpg (116375 bytes)

Cheyenne Lining

Buffalo hide cover