Historic photos of tipis

These photos/drawings cover a wide time frame and area.  If you have any and would like to share them with us, please let me know.  Looking for historic photos that have not been published or would be of interest to the site.  tipisholley@yahoo.com

Oldest known Photo of a tipi 1847c.Daguerreotype from John Fremont's expeditions (Library of Congress) or, Cheyenne village in the Big Timber 1853 by Carvalh

Painting by Lt. James Abert around 1846.  Notice pegs in cover and stick.


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Chief Little Crow's village-1851

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B767 Sitting Bulls camp


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Sitting Bulls camp


Southern Cheyenne 1889- the Grasshopper tipi.jpg (38101 bytes)

Southern Cheyenne 1884 Grasshopper

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1891-American Horse X31497

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Sioux-Ft. Yates 1890

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Framework Arapaho 1870

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Kiowa 1907

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Nez Perce

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Nez Perce

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Hide tipi

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Crow Lodge 1907

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Salish 1907-Notice the peg lops on bottom of lodges and no smoke flap ropes.

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Shoshone 1889


What is left of Bigfoot's Band

Two Moon's tipi 1896


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1892       ns-515

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Dakota-1890, X31587

Smoke Stack-Southern Cheyenne



Wind breaks around tipis



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Kiowa-Billy Blue Jay in front of wind break of sunflower stalks-1928

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Sarcee teepee owned by a Cree gentleman named Starlight


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Crow lodges

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1894 Scarsee

 Assinniboin chiefs son-Curtis photo.jpg (79845 bytes)


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1880s  Notice how wood is piled on back.

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Miniconjou-Cherry Creek, SD.  Chief Hump's Band  c1900

Assinniboine Camp. Rinehart photo 1898.jpg (65504 bytes)

Assinnibone Camp-Curtis

Blackfoot lodge-Curtis photo.jpg (90237 bytes)


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Nez Perce-Four Winds Trading Co.


Comanche Camp


Crow camp-Curtis photo.jpg (187499 bytes)

Crow Camp-Curtis

Blackfoot tipis-Curtis photo.jpg (96610 bytes)


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Sioux Tipi 1870

Tipi Ring in the Badlands



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Magazine photo 1940s




tipi fire in Missoula, Montana 1941








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